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Hallo my friends,

Please come and see this site evolving. This shall be a place for K/S fans, who love the classic fanzines and still put quality above quantity.

This project is lying on my desk for about 2 years now, every now and then I use my weekends and do something with it. Now I feel confident enough to show it. Please have a look around, test functionality and send me a note if you find a fault or miss something. I will try my best to fix the fault and include what's missing.

IMPORTANT: If there is somebody out there, who has the "design finger" and make a nice background image for the site, please also send me a note, so we can speak about the necessities.

You want to register and have difficulties? Please follow me to that link, there is a step-by-step instruction that will hopefully help.

Thank you and hopefully meet here soon,