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Fanfiction content added

 ShiKahr   26 Jun 2020 : 08:39
 None  Fanfiction

I have uploaded some stories of mine, just to put some content in.

If you guys have something to add, don't hesitate. And if you have issues, please let me know and I will help out or put some explanations out.


Kismet 2020 that never happened

 ShiKahr   07 Jun 2020 : 20:54
 None  Fan Events

Actually there was a KISMET planned for the beginning of September 2020, but Corona (the Virus - not the Beer) decided to strike and destroy all our plans. 

Therefore I sat back on my desk, looked at my website (yes, this one here) and thought I could make it better, fill it with content, check if all is working as it should, make it attractive for people who accidently or purposely pass by. 

I have added a online store where we can sell Fanzines (the one listed at the moment, are just placeholder to show how it would looks like).

Also I added a forum, for the possibility to talk about all kind of stuff. 

So, why not passing by, accidently or on purpose and join. smile

Let's reset 2020

Four Years After...

 ShiKahr   27 Feb 2019 : 09:00

2015 was the year where a man died who became a legend, not only within the Star Trek community, but for so many more.

He was a part of our society, he was fascinating and he was the first alien we learned to love.